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    Slimming beauty

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  • Fu Ling, beauty from within

    Beauty from within

    a firm and smooth skin

    and smile again !

  • our capsules

    Pure herbal caps without any chemical

    our powders of simple plants offer the best of each herb.

  • Stuffy nose


    say bye-bye to stuffy nose, snoring and polyps

  • WANDERTEA - the tea for cocooning and slim



    The DETOX tea for slim

  • Your nature !

    Your nature !

    Herbalist, Herbal teas and Natural Health Products

    for your pleasure and your health, find the true values ​​of generous nature in our teas, herbal teas, infusions and medicinal plants of quality.
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A French herbalist in North America

Under the supervision of a qualified pharmacist in France, we do not have a mission to replace a therapist.

We can guide you and help you in your choice of natural self-treatment always having in mind not to mislead you about the effectiveness and safety of our products or give you false hopes.

The main objective is to provide plants and derived botanically and biochemically defined, ie in accordance with the main pharmacopoeias (botanical controls, presence of minimum active compounds, absence of pollutants).
We prefer simple herbs, well known and recognized, whole and not worked to be as natural and pure as possible, because any dilution in a solvent, any dry concentration deteriorates and distorts their action.

Our expertise pharmacist with 35 years of practice of alternative medicine has made us aware of the errors related to habits and sometimes more than good business practices.

We want to offer, ultimately, a wide range of effective and recognized natural health products, and herbal teas for the enjoyment and well-being, essential oils for aromatherapy and Organic skin care's products.